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The Lammas EcoVillage Setting the Standard and Paving the Way for EcoVillage Development Globally

The definition, standards, and criteria that currently surround the emerging EcoVillage community model may be still be evolving but there is no shortage of experiments that groups all over the world are in the process of establishing.  


Among all these one community in Wales stands apart in ways that when looked back upon historically will be seen for being what allowed this new sustainable community model to gain acceptance world wide - the Lammas EcoVillage. 


The United Kingdom has some of the strictest land use and building codes in the developed world.  While giving presentations about Lammas in California, U.S. the reality of the UK's population density has been conveyed as follows:


The UK has roughly a population of 77 million people on a land mass that could fit in Northern California.  The entire state of California has 33 million people.  California would have to double its population and shove everyone up into Northern California to be able to imagine the conditions in the UK and begin to understand why the development of sustainable communities is so absolutely necessary. 


Zoning laws and building codes have always presented the biggest challenge to EcoVillage development and Paul Wimbush and the Lammas families committed to and succeeded in getting the planning departments to approve their EcoVillage project from the ground up. 


Below are videos that were created that tell the inspiring story of Lammas.



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Comment by James R. Martin on January 13, 2013 at 10:36am

I hope this sort of thing will begin to happen in the USA. And there is need of a political movement to help that happen. But, as I think about it, the movement might as well be international or global in scale, since each success here or there provides both inspiration and know-how, etc.... So a national movement is needed in the USA in order to make state-level organizing work well. But an international movement may well be needed to make national level progress easier. As it is, here in the USA, land use regs are almost entirely a local matter on the municipal and county level! This tends to scatter and isolate our efforts.

Power to the people!

Comment by Global EcoVillage Admin on April 9, 2012 at 1:15am

We will be adding more soon! 

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