About the Global EcoVillage & Sustainable Community Network

Greetings and Welcome

This network is for the advancement of the EcoVillage & Sustainable Community models that are being initiated around the planet during this time of the Great Transition to a sustainable and peaceful world. 


The network is privately sponsored by Palingenesis Enterprises and is co-founded by the producer and publisher of 'A New We' documentary film that features 10 ecological communities in Europe.  It is essentially a member owned network in the sense that members can assume administrative roles, contribute content, sponsor, partner, promote events, create groups for their initiatives or communities, and participate in strategic planning for projects/programs/initiatives that will further the goals of this network. 


The potential of this networks effectiveness is vast in terms of being a solid online portal for learning about 'Low Impact Sustainable Development' and the EcoVillage model as it evolves into the most viable and practical solution for how we live on our planet. 





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