Hello fellow eco-warriors.  I just got approved for membership today, so I thought I'd post an intro.  I have been wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of society for as long as I can remember.  At first I wanted to move off-grid in Alaska, however, now that I have learned about eco-villages, I feel like that would be a much more attainable goal.  I have been browsing on ic.org, but for the most part I still feel lost.  I'm hoping ya'll can help me work toward my goal of eventually living in an eco-village.

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Greetings to you Colby and welcome to the community network....your desire is shared by so many globally who are all working towards a new future.  Here in the US there are many intentional communities as you have seen listed on ic.org but they are not always 'EcoVillages'...and even the ones who are developing along as such are in varying stages of feeling 'lost' just like you as they encounter challenges with code, zoning, and legal structures.  This network is striving to be a good resource and place to connect but it is sitll in its infancy due to management/admin issues since it was first launched.  We have a new team and agenda for developing this network more and filling it with more resources but for now I would recommend checking out other members profiles and their areas of interest - you can use the 'advanced search' tool for locations and other keywords and make some friends.  Green Fire EcoMinistry has an active communities ambassador who is on tour and visiting developing/existing communities and you can follow his blog here....

Are you wanting to form and EcoVillage in Texas?  Tell us more details of what you envision and desire. 


Ok, I finally got things working, lol.  I am thinking about starting my own ecovillage somewhere, but right now I don't have the finances.  What I am trying to reach is living somewhere deep in the wilderness,(mountains, forests, etc.) where humans are a part of the earth and not just using it up.  If possible I would also like it to have alternative education systems, and monetary systems.  It would also be nice if it was clothing optional, so as to live in my most natural state.  I have seen elements in an ic in hawaii, and also one in Costa Rica that I would like to draw from, if I could create my own eco-village.  I also don't want to be able to be found very easily.

I just sent you a reply to your message to me and then came here to see that you got your post up... 

As I said in the message I found this when I was doing some research...


Deep wilderness EcoVillages .... hmmm....and not easily found either.....well I can only recommend you right a 'blog' post about this vision and I can feature it in the next broadcast we send out....


That earthship community looks completely awesome!!!  Do you have any clue when they might start accepting applications?

Hello everybody
I don't know how I used this site and how you hear me and foud me
I am looking for a nice place in United States for the summer, to spend time with tent in nature or as volunteer
I have experience in France Germany Austria
Now I am living in London and if I can tommorow I leave in nature in tent in US
best and kind regards

Hi Angelica.  There are some volunteer opportunities and internships listed at the Federation of Intentional Communities website:


Green Fire EcoMinistry

Green Fire is a non-denominational “ecoministry” that operates on the principles of deep ecology and Earth Stewardship.

Green Fire’s mission is to offer charitable services that educate, assist, network, and facilitate the healing of the Earth and Her children.

Green Fire encompasses all religious and spiritual outlooks that promote a peaceful existence and a healthy planet.


  • Sustainable Living
  • EcoVillage Planning & Development
  • Regenerative practices
  • Deep Ecology
  • Earth Stewardship


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